• Thursday, 13. August 2020 07:20

Rival is recruiting on Grobbulus!


Rival - Horde Pacific Semi-Hardcore PVE/PVP

TUES/WED/THURS 6:00-9:00pm PST Loot Council

Who we are: Rival has a core of 15-20 players that have played a variety of games together dating back to the original WoW release in 2004/2005. We played on Maelstrom, Gurubashi and a number of other classic servers. Our roster includes leadership with in-era full Naxxramas clears, Scarab Lord titles, and world first kills. On Grobbulus, Rival will be a PVE-focused guild that will also be home to players with a passion for world and battleground PVP.

Why Grobbulus? While roleplaying isn't a primary focus of Rival, many of our members have played on RPPVP servers in the past and enjoy the fun and flavor that the RP community adds to the gameplay experience. We especially look forward to cannibalizing and desecrating the corpses of the alliance alongside our horde brothers.

Raiding: We aim to clear all raid content and do it efficiently. We will use a loot council with rotating members to help ensure loot is distributed in a strategic and transparent fashion. Optional raids, pvp, and events will take place throughout the week but our primary raid days (i.e. attendance taken) will be TUES/WED/THURS. Members will be expected to show up with raid appropriate talents and consumables for progression raids.

What we need: Rival is recruiting mature, team-focused players that can commit to a three day raid week and have a good sense of humor. Veteran and new players alike are encouraged to apply; previous experience playing classic WoW is not required. Below is our current class needs though we encourage all exceptional candidates can always apply. 


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